Community Churches United for Baltimore Jobs (CCUBJ) and LiUNA are powerful labor advocacy groups that have fought consistently for local hiring on projects funded with taxpayer money.  Examples of such projects include: 

Due to our consistent advocacy and pressure, the Baltimore city council has introduced a bill that would require city contractors and business which receive large amounts of taxpayer funding to hire at least 51% of their workforce from among Baltimore city residents. 

On December 20, 2011, CCUBJ & LiUNA led a march to EBDI to protest the lack of jobs for local hiring.  During the summer of 2012, CCUBJ and LiUNA partnered to paint a school for free in order to demonstrate the willingness of their group of men and women who want to work.

Here is a video from July 11, 2012 where we gathered outside of Baltimore's city hall to attend a hearing regarding the Superblock project.

Protesting at the Hopkins-Henderson School Groundbreaking

Rallying at the Baltimore Development Corporation in the summer

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