It is clear that EBDI, Forest City, the Annie E. Casey Foundation, the city of Baltimore, and many of our elected officials do not have former and remaining residents' interests at heart.  As proof of this, we offer this recording of persons who went to Annapolis to testify regarding EBDI's "community benefits district" which allows EBDI to change the name of the Middle East community and to restrict the board of directors to consist of only property owners!  Such a restriction is characterized by the Assistant Attorney General as invidious discrimination.

In contrast to the EBDI cabal of power interests, our community benefits agreement outlines several provisions that will:

  • fund a community-driven, resident-focused community development corporation
  • allow former and remaining residents to benefit from health and education trust funds
  • mandate business and institutions to share a percentage of the increased wealth that will flow through the footprint 
  • give former and remaining a significant stake and decision-making voice in the redevelopment process
  • protect former and remaining residents from being priced out of their homes 


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