Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Welcome dear visitor!  We invite you to learn more about our work to push for a progressive community benefit agreement with Baltimore's developers so that the historical residents will have a much stronger decision-making voice in the redevelopment process.  Our taxpayer funds are being used to build multi-million and multi-billion dollar projects and we want to ensure that Baltimore taypayers receive local jobs as a part of our investment in these public-private partnerships.

To this end, you will find several links that will give you more information about our vital work.  Click on "Our CBA" link to read the community benefits agreement we've developed for Johns Hopkins Institutions and EBDI.  Click on the "Video," "Audio," and "Documents" links to gain a deeper understanding of the history of displacement and promises which were made then broken. 

Next, click on the "News" link to read several news stories regarding coverage of EBDI and our work.  You can also join the discussion on the BRACE Facebook page.  

Finally, join us for our summit on December 13 from 10am-3pm!  We'll be at the VFW Post 285 located at 2324 McElderry St., Baltimore, MD 21205.  Our theme will be Turning Trash to Treasure, Houses to Homes, and Neglect to Neighborhoods!  We have free lunch and beverages for the first 50 people to register online.

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